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A bankrupt American retailer best remembered for its collections of basics and controversial ad campaigns

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Product range. Even though American Apparel was a basics specialist of sorts, the brand's collections always featured controversial, if not provocative, pieces that matched well the supporting ad campaigns. Metallic leggings, suede mini skirts, and strip calf-high white socks were a far cry from what is commonly conceived as basics, however, the pieces like these could easily add to a stack of your wardrobe essentials.

Originality. American Apparel basics came in an immense number of styles colourways. Vintage line by American Apparel merited special notice as Vintage collections were modeled after the items hand-picked by the company buyers in vintage and second hand stores worldwide.

Chic. American Apparel kept their fingers on the pulse of the fashion industry.

Pricing. Affordable. However, the price point varied widely, depending on the country. The most basic of short sleeved T-shirts never cost less than £10 to £12.

Corporate history highlights. American Apparel, once a successful brand of youth-oriented fashion was founded in 1989 by Canadian businessman Dov Charney. He started out by wholesaling basic knitwear for screenprinting. Until their demise, American Apparel proudly sew their collections stateside, unlike most of the competition that opted for South-East Asian manufacturing facilities. After having struggled with increasingly heavy debt in recent years, American Apparel eventually filed for administration in November, 2016.


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